The Tornado Series utilises Pratt Burnerd International’s revolutionary ‘Gripfast’ workholding chuck that combines high speed turning with rapid component changeover utilising jaw chuck, collet chuck or mandrel to suit your operation. 2 Axis CNC Turning Centre. Drawtube capacity 65mm.


Swing over bed 510mm
Spindle centre height from floor 960mm
Max machining diameter 260mm
Max turning length 490mm
Spindle nose A2-6
Hole through spindle 77.5mm
Drawtube (bar) capacities 65mm

Standard Equipment

60 Degree slant slide production lathe with 12 station disc turret accepting 40VDI tooling, hydraulic operating cylinder and drawtube.  This lathe utilises a Fanuc OiTD Control system with AC servo axis drives and 22kw (30min rating) spindle drive giving a maximum spindle speed of 5000 rev/min (A type) and 3500 rev/min (B type).  Automatic lubrication system to slideways and ballscrews.  Linear rails on X and Z axes for friction less movement and rapid acceleration and deceleration and, for positional accuracy and repeatability.

Chuck Package

210mm Power chuck (A Type) Machine Operating Manual
or 254mm Power chuck (B Type) Toolkit
Accuracy Chart Totally Enclosed Working Area
Coolant System Auto lubrication to slides
Footswitch for chucking Ethernet Link
Interlocked Guarding Run Hour & Parts Counter
10.4” Colour LCD Multi Repetitive Cycles 1 & 2
Manual Guide (MGi) G Code System A/B/C
512K Part Program Memory Direct Drawing programming
G10 Offset Value Settings Rigid Tapping
Canned Cycle For Drilling Background Editing
Tool Wear / Geometry Offsets (64 pairs)
2 Years parts and labour GE Fanuc Warranty

Bar Package

Accuracy Chart
CDC 66 Collet Chuck STD or CDC 60 Collet Chuck DIN 6343 – Please Specify
Coolant System Parts Catcher
Colchester MBF1000 Barfeed Unit ** Totally Enclosed Working Area
Interlocked Guarding Spindle orientation
Machine Operating Manual Toolkit
Footswitch for collet chuck Auto lubrication to slides
10.4” Colour LCD Ethernet Link
Manual Guide (MGi) Run Hour & Parts Counter
512K Part Program Memory Multi Repetitive Cycles 1 & 2
G10 Offset Value Settings G Code System A/B/C
Canned Cycle For Drilling Direct Drawing programming
Tool Wear / Geometry Offsets Rigid Tapping
2 Years parts and labour GE Fanuc Warranty Background Editing
Electrical equipment for 220, 380 or 415V supply