Specification Excel ETM 5VS

Table Size 305 x 1500mm
Table Slot Size 16mm / 3
Table Travel (Long) 1000mm
Saddle Travel (Cross) 360mm
Knee Travel (Vertical) 380mm
Quill Travel 127mm
Ram Travel 500mm
Spindle Motor 3.75KW (5HP)
Spindle Taper ISO 40
Quill Power Feed 0.04, 0.08, 0.15mm/rev
Spindle Speeds 60 – 3600rpm Variable Speed
Spindle to Table Min 0mm, Max 350mm
Spindle to Column Min 113mm, Max 760mm
Head Tilts L/R 90
Head Tilts F/B 45
Dims LxWxH (cm) 157x165x208
Weight 1650Kg

• Versatile Machine for Drilling – Milling & Boring operations.
• Heavy duty & sturdy Machine is made with a generous size. Meehanite Casting. It is one of the heaviest in the market.

• Hardened slide ways give the Machine a much longer production life.
• Quill has 3 Feed rates. It gives the option to select the correct Feed to Quill to suit your individual production requirements.
• Servo type variable & rapid Feeds are provided for both Longitudinal & Cross Feeds.
• Motorised knee movement has been designed with the user in mind.
• Electrically Interlocked Spindle Guard conforms to the latest CE regulations & Health & Safety.
• Large Size Steel Tray.
• Low Volt Machine Light
• 3 Axis DRO
• Power Feed to Quill-3 rates
• Servo Type Feed & Rapid for Longitudinal & Cross.
• Motorised Up & Down Movement
• One Shot Lubrication
• Coolant System Included as standard:
• Rated for continuous use & long life expectancy.
• Made to accurate engineering tolerances by highly skilled engineers during manufacture.
• 5HP Motor allows larger cuts to be taken during production runs.
• 40 Int Spindle allows a large selection of standard tooling to be used.
• Angular positioning to left/right through worm & Gear for ease.
• Reversible Switch allows the Spindle to be run clockwise & anti-clockwise.
• Centralised one shot lubrication ensures lubrication to all parts that are otherwise inaccessible.
• DRO allows you to work in either imperial or metric calibrations.