EUROPA saw has totally enclosed transmission, ergonomic controls. Solid carbide roller blade guides, Cast iron bed assembly.


Capacity at 90 degrees
round304.8mm diameter
square304.8 x 304.8mm
rectangular406.4 x 254mm
Capacity at 45 degrees
round203.2mm diameter
square203.2 x 203.2mm
rectangular203.2 x 304.8mm
Mitring capacity0 – 45 degrees
Blade size3475mm x 1.0mm x 25mm
Blade speeds (infinitely variable)17 – 82m/min
Band wheel diameter391mm
Main motor1.5kW
Dimensions: Ā length x width x height1900 x 740 x 1020mm


Machine equipped with

Quick action vice
Solid carbide roller blade guides
Totally enclosed transmission
Blade chip brush
Cast iron bed assembly
Material length stop
Coolant system
Automatic switch off at end of cut
Bandsaw blade
Hydraulically controlled bow descent
Fully enclosed blade with adjustable guards and interlocked blade covers
Lockable main switch (electrics telemechanique components)