Offering a 280mm round capacity. the BOMAR 410.260DG is a manually operated horizontal bandsaw with swing head for easy mitre cutting. With the saw head rotating with double mitring to 45°-0-60°, this allows the stock material to remain stationary. This model also features a quick action vice and a hydraulically controlled bow.


90 Deg           Circular280mm
                       Horizontal410 x 280mm
                       Vertical410 x 280mm
45 Deg L        Circular280mm
                       Horizontal330 x 100mm
                       Vertical290 x 280mm
45 Deg R       Circular280mm
                       Horizontal310 x 150mm
                       Vertical260 x 280mm
60 Deg R       Circular210mm
                       Horizontal205 x 100mm
                       Vertical175 x 280mm
Blade size3800 x 0.9 x 27mm
Bundle cutting



Saw head rotates, stock material remains stationary
Two way mitre to 60 left and right
Hydraulic controlled saw bow feed
Quick clamping system
Variable blade speed
Powered swarf brush