A 500mm grinding capacity with up to 205mm between the table and the wheel. This is the larger of the DELTA ELLE vertical spindle surface grinders from Italian manufacturer, DELTA.
Easy to use and highly reliable. Cast iron construction of certified quality, oversized and suitably ribbed in order to obtain the maximum structure stiffness. The wheel head is equipped with a special electro spindle designed and made by DELTA, supported by precision bearings and dynamically balanced with modern electronic equipment. The vertical feed is obtained by rotating a graduated handwheel.


Maximum grindable surfaceØ 500mm
Distance between column and wheel axis315mm
Maximum distance between magnetic table and wheel205mm
Rapid feed per turn of handwheel2mm
Micrometric feed by small handle0,01mm
Size of cup wheelØ 200 x 80 x 78mm
Size of abrasive segments50 x 20 x 90mm
Motor power of the wheel(4 HP)-3 kW
R.P.M. of the wheel (50 Hz)2840 rpm/min
Electric pump motor power(0,08 HP)-0,06 kW
Mass of the machine740 kg


Standard Equipment

Low tension electric system ( 24 V )
Cooling system with electropump
Wheel-holder flange and grinding wheel
Grinding wheel guard.
Table guard.- Stakes key
Instruction book/testing certificate
Two color  painting  RAL  5018-7032, bicomponent multicoat of paint
CE conformity certificate in respect to the Units
Directive CEE 89/392 and subsequent modifications