DELTA Maxi grinding machines have 3 user friendly automation levels developed through DELTA software.

Minimum Programmable Vertical Feed0.001mm
Rapid vertical speed2m/min



Maximum grinding surface2000 x 1100mm
Table surface2000 x 800mm
Maximum Longitudinal Travel2300mm
Maximum weight on the table4000kg
Maximum grinding surface2500 x 1100mm
Table surface2500 x 800mm
Maximum Longitudinal Travel2800mm
Maximum weight on the table5000kg
Maximum grinding surface3000 x 1100mm
Table surface3000 x 800mm
Maximum Longitudinal Travel3300mm
Maximum weight on the table6000kg


Automation Levels – Delta MAXI Series

The DIASTEP unit controls all machine functions, allows to visualise the axes and to program an automatic grinding cycle by means of a guided menu, making easy the task of the operator who, thanks to the flexibility of the control, can change the inserted parameters without stopping the grinding cycle.

The NC plus allows to store more pieces, the linear and interpolated wheel dressing on the table to use wheels with parametric profiles, multiplane cycles and side cycles with the Y axis. This control has been designed to make easy also the most complex grinding operations. The control unit has a colour LCD screen with customised membrane keypad: every key is easily associated with a machine function. The screen pages are clear and easy to read and give all the necessary information. The new control has been studied to give the following advantages: easy to operate; allows to prevent and avoid the operator’s errors. Information is displayed in a clear and unmistakable way on the display.

Finally, the CNC, based on the SIEMENS SINUMERIK 840Di combined with SIEMENS SIMODRIVE digital drives. Thanks to the more than decennial experience in the field of plane surface grinding we realised a man-machine interface simple and intuitive but powerful and complete in the same time.