Vertical axis grinding machines from DELTA. Easy to use and highly reliable. Cast iron column mounted on adjustable taper roller bearings and a motor of 2.2kW allow precise grinding of surfaces upto 140 x 330mm. The quick vertical feed is obtained by rotating a graduated handwheel which by acting on a spiral toothing, permits feed of 2mm per revolution.


Max. grindable surface140 x 300mm
Distance between column and wheel axis300mm
Max. distance between table-level and wheel280mm
Rapid feed per turn of handwheel2mm
Micrometric feed by small handle0,01 mm
Size of cup wheelØ 178 x 78 x 78mm
Size of abrasive segments50 x 16 x 90mm
Motor power of the wheel(3 HP)-2.2 kW
R.P.M. of the wheel  (50 Hz)2840rpm
Electropump motor power(0,08 HP)-0,06kW
Mass of the machine400kg


Standard Equipment

Low tension electric system ( 24 V )
Cooling system with electropump
Wheel-holder flange and grinding wheel
Grinding wheel guard. – Table guard. – Stakes key
Instruction book/testing certificate
CE conformity certificate in respect to the Units
Directive 89/392 and subsequent modifications
Two color  painting  RAL 5018-7032, bicomponent multicoat of paint