The longitudinal travel of the table is transmitted through a gearbox, allowing the machine to perform heavy cutting with ease. The machine is equipped with an automatic lubricator, that delivers lubrication oil to all slideways and feed screws. A machine combining vertical and horizontal spindles in one for two operations.


Work Table
Table size300 x 1500mm
Longitudinal travel1000mm
Cross travel380mm
Vertical travel460mm
T-slots (size x number x distance)16 x 3 x 70mm
Range of longitudinal feed speed24-707mm/min (12 steps)
Range of longitudinal rapid speed2160mm
Range of vertical rapid speed680mm/min
Vertical Turret Spindle
Spindle speeds70-3700rpm (variable)
Taper of spindleNT40
Quill travel140mm
Head swivel (R & L)45 degrees
Traverse of overarm450mm
Overarm swivel360 degree
Spindle nose to table surface90 – 500mm (0-450mm)
Horizontal Spindle
Range of spindle speeds90 – 1320rpm (9 steps)
Taper of spindleNT40
Spindle centre to table0-460mm
Spindle centre to overarm bottom160mm
Vertical spindle5HP
Horizontal spindle5HP
Table longitudinal feed2HP
Table vertical rapid traverse1HP
Coolant pump1/8HP
Net weight2100kgs
Gross weight2300kgs
Packing measurement (L x W x H)1950 x 2050 x 1950mm


Standard Equipment

X axis gearbox power feed
Power feed for Y axis with inverter
Powered table rise and fall
Silvaflame / Cleervue EM3 Interlocked table guard
X and Y Axes Ballscrews
Electrical box & control panel
Coolant pump system
Halogen worklight
Auto lubrication pump
Machine swarf tray
Metric cutter arbor & sleeves
Cleervue EM3 interlocked table guard
Tool box with tools
CE Electrics