Table Size 230 x 1246mm
Table Slot Size 16mm / 3
Table Travel (Long) 840mm
Saddle Travel (Cross) 305mm
Knee Travel (Vertical) 350mm
Quill Travel 127mm
Ram Travel 315mm
Spindle Motor 2.2KW (3HP)
Spindle Taper R8
Quill Power Feed 0.04, 0.08, 0.15mm/rev
Spindle Speeds 60 – 4200 Variable Speed
Spindle to Table Min 0mm, Max 350mm
Spindle to Column Min 170mm, Max 485mm
Head Tilts L/R 90
Head Tilts F/B 45
Dims (LxWxH) cm 140x147x2

Power Feed to Quill – 3 Rates
Servo Type Longitudinal,
Cross & Vertical Feed & Rapid
One Shot Lubrication
Coolant System
Electrically Interlocked
Spindle Guard
Low Volt Machine Light.
3 Axis DRO.