Excel D460 Heavy Precision Lathe x 1000, 1500, 2000 between centres.

Removable Gap-Bed
Hardened & ground Bed Slide Ways
Stop rod with four trip dogs for longitudinal movement of the Saddle
Tailstock adjustable for Taper Turning
Emergency stop button, protective motor switch, lockable main switch
Right-left hand rotation can be switched with the help of the indexing lever
Cover for Lead Screw
Lo volt release, emergency stop button & protective motor switch
Manufactured according to DIN 8606 (Toolmakers Precision).

Centre Height 230mm
Turning Diameter
Over Bed 460mm
Turning Over Saddle 270mm
Turning Over Gap 690mm
Length of Gap 240mm
Bed Width 300mm
Spindle Hole 58mm
Spindle Nose Camlock DIN ISO 702-2 D1-6
Spindle Taper MT6
No of Spindle Speeds 12
Spindle Speed Range 25-2000rpm
Pitch Metric (53) 0.1-14mm/rev
Pitch Inch (40) 2-112TPI
Modular Threads (34) 0.1-7 MP
Diametrical Threads (50) 4-112 DP
Longitudinal Feeds (40) 0.031-1.7mm/rev
Cross Feeds (40) 0.014-0.784mm/rev
Top Slide Travel 128mm
Cross Slide Travel 285mm
Tailstock Taper 4MT
Tailstock Quill Travel 130mm
Max. Tool Shank 25mm
Motor 5.5KW
Dims LxWxH (cm) 220x125x157 275x125x157 325x125x157
Weight 1720Kg 1977Kg 2400Kg

Included as standard:
250mm 3 Jaw Chuck
300mm 4 Jaw Chuck
350mm Face Plate
Coolant System
Rear Splash Guard
20-160mm Steady Rest
20-100mm Follow Rest
Machine Lamp
Threading Gauge.
Spindle Foot Brake
Electrically Interlocked Chuck Guard
Toolpost Chip Guard
2 Axis DRO
*Guide ways travel are briefer during use of measuring gibs for digital displays
Coolant system with separate coolant tank, level indicator and oil separator; easy for emptying and cleaning