Excel Heavy Duty Model D420 Precision Lathe

Between Centres 1000 1500
Centre Height 210mm
Max Turning Diameter
Over Bed 420mm
Max Turning � Over Saddle 250mm
Max Turning � Over Gap 590mm
Length of Gap 260mm
Bed Width 250mm
Spindle Hole 52mm
Spindle Taper 6MT
Tailstock Taper 4MT
Spindle Nose Camlock DIN ISO 702-2 D1-6
No of Spindle Speeds 16
Spindle Speed Range 45-1800rpm
Longitudinal Feeds 0.05-1.7mm/rev
Cross Feeds 0.025-0.85mm/rev
Pitch Metric (39) 0.2-14mm
Pitch Inch (45) 2-72 TPI
Modular Thread (18) 0.3-3.5 MP
Diametrical Thread (21) 8-44 DP
Top Slide Travel 140mm
Cross Slide Travel 230mm
Tailstock Quill Travel 120mm
Max. Tool Shank 20mm
Main Motor Power 4.5KW
Coolant Pump 0.1KW
Dims LxWxH (cm) 203x92x162 253x92x162
Weight 1550Kg 1800Kg

Included as standard:
� Steady Rest 20-145mm
� Follow Rest 20-75mm
� Coolant System
� Rear Splash Guard
� 2 Step Drive Motor
� Electrically Interlocked Chuck Guard
� Toolpost Chip Guard
� 2 Axis DRO
� 200mm 3 Jaw Chuck
� 250mm 4 Jaw Chuck
� Turret Limit Stop with fine adjustment acting as End Stop on Lathe Saddle
� Foot Brake
� Machine Lamp
� Threading Gauge
� 350mm Face Plate
� Camlock Spindle Nose DIN ISO 702-2 D1-6
� Induction hardened & precision ground heavily ribbed Prismatic Bed
� Substructure & Lathe Bed made from a single block of Meehanite Cast Iron
� Hardened & ground Spindle with two adjustable Precision Taper Roller Bearings
� Guaranteed concentricity precision of the Spindle Nose > 0.015mm
� Smooth running work Spindle Gearwheels hardened & precision ground
� Leadscrew & Feed Shaft Drive easily switchable via Feed Gear
� Adjustable safety coupling of the Feed Shaft
� The Tailstock may be shifted + / – for Taper Turning
� Right � left � hand rotation can be switched with the help of the Indexing Lever
� Emergency stop mushroom switch, lockable main switch
� Removable Gap Bed
� Adjustable dial of the Threading Gauge
� Manufactured to DIN 8606 (Toolmakers Precision).
� Coolant system with separate coolant tank, level indicator and oil separator; easy for emptying