X axis travel 500mm
Y axis travel 400mm
Z axis travel 330mm
Maximum tool length 2500mm
Working space (x-axis x Y axis) 650 x 400mm
Capacity of workpiece mass 300kg (uniform load)
Distance from table surface to spindle gauge plane 250 to 580mm (larger options available)
Working surface configuration 3T-slots, size 14mm pitch 125mm
Speed range 100-10,000 / 24,000 min-1
Spindle gauge (call number) 7/24 taper No. 30 (with air blow)
Rapid traverse rate 54m/min (X,Y,Z)
Feedrate 1 to 30,000 mm/min
Tool change system SK30 DIN 69871 A orJIS B 6339-1998 BT30MAS 403-1982 P30T-1 (45o) (with BT – BBT is standard)
Tool storage capacity 21 Tools
Method of tool selection Random shortest path
Maximum tool mass 2kg/tool (total mass: 22kg/3kg/tool (total mass: 33kg)
Tool changing time (cut to cut) 1,6 sec (when 2kg/tool is specified)
Spindle drive motor 5,5kW/3,7kW
Spindle direction positioning accuracy 0,006/300mm
Position repeatability +- 0,002

Machine Equipped with
Centre through coolant
DIN tooling (DIN 69871-A30)
Double contact tooling BBT
High column 0/200/300mm
High speed spindle 24,000min-1
Signal lamp (3 lamps)
Splashguard wide opening door 730mm
Automatic front doo
Automatic side door
Basic top cover
Full closed top cover
Coolant unit (100l/200l)
Coolant unit with chip flush (100l/200l)
Cleaning unit for tool taper shank
Air blow for chips
Tool pot cover
16 additional I/O
Multi language display
Compensation of thermal displacement (XYZ axis)
Background editing
Extended part program editing
Coordinate system selection (G92)
Workpiece coordinate system (G52-G59)
Addition of workpiece coordinate system 48 pairs (G54.1)
Return to reference point (G28)
Quick editor
Setup file
Production control counter
Parameter back up function
Tool compensation memory C, D/H code, tool geometry/wear
Rigid tapping M29
Retraction for rigid tapping
Sub program call (M98(M198/M99)
Custom macro B (G65, G66/G67)
Canned cycles for drilling (G73, 74, 76, 81-G89/G80)
Coordinate system rotation (G68/69)
Circular interpolation by R programming
Al contour control l G05.1
Helical interpolation
Skip function (G31)
Multi step skip (G31 P1-4)
Stroke limit check before move
Stored stroke check 1
Stored stroke check 2 (G22/G23)
Custom PMC
Real time custom macro
Manual Guide i