The BAUER VG450L is a Vertical, metal cutting bandsaw with tilt frame offering mitring up to 45° left and 60° right. The 34mm wide blade has mist-spray lubrication for blade life longevity.


 Sections at 90 degrees430 x 600mm
 Sections at 45 degrees left430 x 400mm
 Sections at 45 degrees right430 x 260mm
 Blade speed30 & 60m/min
 Motor2.2kW with overload protection
 Blade size4450 x 34 x 1.1mm



Powered bow rotation mitres 45 degrees right an 60 degress left
DRO of mitre angle with two speed bow rotation for exact setting
Hydraulic controlled bow feed with stepless variable control and pressure sensor
Saw bow guidance with linear slides in base of machine
Automatic shut down if blade jams
Manual blade tensioning with mechanical stop
Cast vices, hydraulically operated with pressure reduction facility
Carbide pads and roller bearings on blade guidance assemblies top guidance assembly adjustable according to height of material
Large work table to accommodate unusual sections
Bow return at end of cut bow returns to rear of datum vice to allow easy material movement
Mist spray lubrication
All machine controls housed at front of saw
Comprehensive safety specification