In this CNC Pressbrake system, the Y1 and Y2 axes operate
as independent double acting hydraulic systems. Both axes
share the same oil supply but the flow to the valves as well as
true position(s) of the ram are entirely and separately
controlled by computer command

Working length from 1500mm to 6000mm
Capacity from 630kN to 6000kN
Distance between frame from 1100mm to 5050mm
Daylight opening from 350mm to 650mm
Machine equipped with:-

Robosoft Electro-hydraulic ram-table
Parallellism and depth stop setting
Pendant control panel with graphical control EasyBEND-2D
Backgauge on ballscrews, stroke 500mm, programmable in 0.1mm
Programmable working pressure, ram stroke, ram opening and speed change-over point
Programmable automatic beam return
Automatic hydraulic table crowning
Quick manual System TOp Tooling Clamping
Table for System Tooling
2 sheet supports
Foot pedal command
CE Safety specifications