Kitchen & Walker G50-1250 Radial Drill, Boring & Tapping Machine


The KITCHEN & WALKER brand has been one of the leading brands of Radial Arm Drilling Machines in the UK, and recognised globally as a supplier of high quality, reliable & precision engineered machinery. For large work-piece drilling, counter-boring, spot-facing, reaming, tapping, and boring, the K&W Radial Arm Drilling Machines can provide the ideal cost-effective solution.


Drilling capacity in steel50mm
Drilling capacity in cast iron75mm
Boring capacity in Steel100mm
Boring capacity in cast iron120mm
Tapping capacity in SteelM42
Tapping capacity in cast iron
Distance between spindle centre line and column centre line ~ maximum (4’ 8”Radius)1425mm
~ minimum525mm
Distance between spindle centre line and column face ~ maximum1250mm
~ minimum350mm
Drilling head horizontal traverse900mm
Arm vertical traverse900mm
Arm rotation in full circle+/-180 degrees
Distance between spindle nose and base plate ~ maximum1220mm
~ minimum320mm
Drilling spindle stroke315mm
Taper in drilling machineMT5
Range of spindle speeds25-2000 rpm
Number of speeds16
Range of feed rates0.04-3.2mm/rev
Number of feeds16
Maximum torque on spindle500 NM
Maximum Drilling Force18000N
Spindle main motor4.0KW
Arm elevating motor1.5KW
Power lock motor0.75KW
Coolant motor0.09KW
Machine height to the tope of the column2455mm
Height of the top of the drilling machine at uppermost position2850mm
Baseplate working surface1280 x 930mm
Baseplate thickness200mm
Baseplate size2040 x 1070mm
Approximate net weight3000 Kg
Packing case size (L X W X H)2190 x1150 x 2610mm