PERFECT grinders are manufactured from high quality cast iron combined with an outstanding structural design. Major parts are stress relieved to ensure maximum rigidity, stability and machining accuracy. The M series employs “AA” grade steel balls on guide ways for easier operation and saving labor. The Z axis slideways are coated with Turcite-B for stable movement and long term accuracy. The spindle runs in a class P4 high precision angular contact bearing, assuring run-out accuracy in 2 μm. The cartridge-type spindle is completely sealed and lubricated for long working lifetime, providing high accuracy grinding and a long service life.


Table size200 x 450mm
Max. grinding surface200 x 450mm
Max. distance centres of spindle to table450mm
Table speedManual
Table guidewayBall rolling way
Auto cross feed increment approx.Manual
Rapid power cross feed approx.Manual
Cross feed on hand wheel1 rev 5mm
1 gra 0.02mm
Rapid power head elevation60Hz 550mm/min 50Hz 450mm/min
Vertical feed with MPG1 rev 2mm
1 gra 0.01mm stand  (0.005mm with AD5)
Auto down feed (option)0.001mm ~ 0.999mm/time
Wheel speed 60Hz / 50Hz3500rpm (60Hz) 2900rpm (50Hz)
Wheel dimensions180 x 13 x 31.75mm (max. 200 x 20 x 31.75mm)
Spindle motor2HP
Rapid head elevation motor1/5HP (Optional)


Machine equipped with:-

Grinding wheel and wheel flange
Flange extractor
Wheel balancing arbor and base
Wheel dresser with diamond
Levelling secrews and plates
Tool box and tools
Working light