Cantilever Series are auto cross feed by solid state relay, longitudinal by hydraulic and vertical axis by AC servo motor. The box type column is ruggedly constructed and combined scientifically with rib reinforcement for maximum rigidity. The cantilever beam is also of a box type construction and radiation-type rib reinforced, providing structural rigidity, minimum vibration and deformation-tree performance.


 Table size / maximum grinding surface800 x 1500mm
1000 x 1500mm
 Maximum distance  Centre spindle to table800mm
Option 1000mm
 Power cross feed approx.1500mm/min
 Auto cross feed increment0.0mm to 15mm
 Table speed3 – 25m/min


Machine equipped with:-

Cantilever type construction
Ball screw for vertical
Linear guide way construction for vertical
MPT for vertical & AC servo motor
Longitudinal hydraulic
X axis:  SVPV – Stepless variable proportional valve hydraulic system with Turcite B
Cross feed by solid state relay
Auto down feed – AD5 NC
Automatic crossing stroke adjustment by control panel
Criss cross grinding cycle