Choose from 800/1000 x 2000mm Grinding capacities from this series of Perfect Cantilever machines with the popular ADP PLC control. A maximum distance centre of the spindle to the table of 800mm with an option of 1000mm.


Grinding surface of table 800 x 2000mm
1000 x 2000mm
Maximum distance centre of spindle to table 800mm (Option: 1000mm)
Table speed approx. 3~25m/min
Rapid power cross feed 900mm/min
Rapid power hand elevation 225mm/min
Auto cross feed motor 750 AC servo motor
Rapid head elevation motor 1K AC servo motor
Cross & Vertical feed on hand wheel (X5) 0.5mm
(X5) 0.005mm
Wheel dimension 405 x 50 x 127mm
(max. 405 x 75 x 127)
Wheel speed 1450rpm
Spindle motor 10HP (Option: 15HP)
Hydraulic motor 7.5HP



Grinding wheel and wheel flange
Flange extractor
Wheel balancing arbour and base
Wheel dresser with diamond
Levelling screws and plates
Tool box and tools
Working lamp
Spindle motor inverter


Watch the PERFECT X Series video to see the ADP control in operation with one-micron resolution control.