ROBBI IGR Internal Grinding machines. Excellent versatility and quality. Small batch production workpieces – and even one off workpieces – in manual or semi automatic modes. Workpiece presetting is done only once, on machine set-up.


Maximum grinding diameter250mm
Height of centres over table180mm
Max. distance between workhead plate and spindle support1000mm
Spindle support diameter100mm
Maximum table swivel8 Degrees
Table translation speed0 – 12 mm/min
Workpiece rotation speed0 – 500rpm/min
Chuck diameter160mm
Wheelhead motor3 kW
Workhead motor0,75 kW
Hydraulic power pack motor2,2 kW
Workspace required3200 x 2100 mm
Net weight2400kg
Facing Device
Maximum grinding diameter355mm
Wheel diameter125mm
Maximum swivel10 Degrees
Wheel motor1,1 kW


Machine is equipped with

PRO FACE touch screen control panel
Incremental optic rule for wheelhead and table movement
Wheelhead and table automatic electronic feed controlled by motor brushless
Re-circulating ball screw with preloaded nut for wheelhead and table movement
Anti friction material on wheelhead guides
Electric installation in separate cabinet
Pneumatic unit
Centralised lubrication
Table manual swivelling system for taper grinding with dial guage

Standard Equipment

Internal grinding attachment
Facing device grinding wheel 125mm diameter
Coolant equipment complete with pump, tank, pipes and nozzle
Straight wheel dressing unit (diamond optional) mounted on hydraulic plant
5kg oil for guide lubricating
Instruction manual