Robbi Omicron R Series Universal Grinding Machines


ROBBI Conventional Grinding Machines. Ideal for processing components with very tight tolerances. Fast set-up times. Grinding wheel spindle mounted on solid bronze bushes

Machine Specifications

Maximum distance between centres600mm
Maximum grinding length600mm
Height of centres over table160mm
Swing over table315mm
Maximum distance between centres1000mm
Maximum grinding length1000mm
Height of centres over table160mm
Swing over table315mm


Standard Equipment

Coolant equipment complete with pump, tank, pipes and nozzle
Straight wheel dressing unit mounted on tailstock (diamond optional)
Grinding wheel diameter 450mm, thickness 50mm, hole 127mm
Grinding wheel flange
Micrometric device for table traverse stop
Wheel balancing arbor
Wheel extractor
Additional pulley for wheel motor
2 hard metal tipped centres
Set of levelling screws and plates
2 cloth bellows for table guide protection
Sliding doors
Set of service spanners & Set of hexagonal spanners
5 Kg. oil for wheel spindle lubrication & 5 Kg. oil for guide lubricating
Instructions manual