Choose from 500 / 600 or 700 x 2000mm grinding capacities are available on the PERFECT Surface grinder with the latest ADP series of NC surface grinders. Stepless Variable Proportional Valve Hydraulic System on the X axis: allows feed adjustment according to the workpiece type for increased convenience of operation. Y & Z axes driven by AC servo motor and MPG handwheel. Inverter controlled spindle motor with variable speed.

(Box way for cross and vertical feed)


Grinding surface of table500 x 2000mm
600 x 2000mm
700 x 2000mm
Maximum distance centre of spindle to table600mm
Table speed approx.5~25m/min
Rapid power cross feed900mm/min
Rapid power hand elevation300mm/min
Auto cross feed motor1.5K (AC servo motor)
Rapid head elevation motor1K (AC servo motor)
Cross & Vertical feed by MPG1 rev (X10) 1mm
1 gra (X10) 0.01mm
Wheel dimension405 x 50 x 127mm
Wheel speed1450rpm
Spindle motor10HP
Hydraulic motor5HP



Grinding wheel and wheel flange
Flange extractor
Wheel balancing arbour and base
Wheel dresser with diamond
Levelling screws and plates
Tool box and tools
Working lamp

Standard Equipment

LCD touch screen panel (HMI Interface) (PLC Controller)
Auto down feed (NC)
Auto dressing and compensation (table parallel dressing)
Vertical travel is driven by AC Servo motor + MPG
Crossfeed travel is driven by AC Servo motor + MPG
Auto crossing pitch grinding
Auto crossing stroke adjustment
Criss cross grinding
Stepless variable proportional valve hydraulic system
Auto longitudinal stroke adjustment
Position display (cross feed & vertical feed)
Semi-enclosed splash shield (right side open)
10HP spindle motor inverter

Need to go to a larger machine?

You need to look at the PERFECT Cantilever style machines:

The PERFECT PFG-80200 AHD offers a wider grinding capacity or if you need to go above a 2000mm grinding length, the PERFECT PFG-80300AHD.

Want to stay with the ADP PLC Control, the PERFECT PFG-80200 & PFG-100200 ADP Cantilever machines offer grinding widths up to 1000mm